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To enhance the enjoyment of your celebration and help create lasting memories, we highly recommend the addition of our party props at your next event.

These party props were specially chosen for use with various crowd participation activities which are orchestrated by our highly skilled DJ’s. These are our most popular party props, however we have many other items available for special order and will gladly help you customize a party prop package to help liven up any occasion.

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Mini Putt

A portable mini putt game for your big day? Weddings are great family occasions and mini putt is nothing if not a great family event! The player is given 2 balls in which he or she must putt into the hole. For every ball they get in , the bride and groom must kiss for 5 seconds.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are a great way to light up any party and are fun to enjoy by individuals of all ages. They come in many colours, shapes and designs and are great for parties and other events or gatherings. Glow sticks have become the main focus of many great holidays and events.

Party Hats

Are you a hustler, baby? We just want you to know about our unique selection of pimp and party hats to get you ready to kick it old school. With a wide variety of fedora hats, you can liven up any wedding or event while making your friends and guest laugh.


The Lei is the Hawaiian symbol of Aloha and of Love. So Wedding Leis are a Hawaiian wedding tradition that goes way back. Exchanging these flower garlands represents love and respect. During the ancient Hawaiian marriage ceremonies the Kahuna Pule (religious man) bound the hands of the Bride and Groom with Maile Leis as a symbol of the couple’s sacred union and their commitment to each other. Aside from all of this tradition, it also makes for a fun time at any event.

Large Kissing Dice

Large dice, pillow-soft, with numbers on 4 sides and lips on 2. A guest rolls the die and if it falls with lips up, the Bride and Groom kiss. If the die falls on numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4 then there are two options:

1. The guest has to go around the room and kiss the same number of people as the number rolled.
2. The couple or DJ has already decided what action each number represents.

Hoola Hoop

In recent years, the modern hula hoop has spread from its now decade-old origins at music festivals to local parks, gyms and dance studios, and even the covers of magazines.

What’s the next unlikely place you’ll spot some grown up hooping?

Well, it may just be at the next wedding you attend.

Mambo Leo

It’s a team tether ball game without your hands! Mambo Leo consists of a rod, curved at both ends, with a ball attached to a string hanging below. Two players place this durable rod at their waists, apply pressure to keep the rod in place and try to get the ball to circle the rod. They must work together with precision and speed to score…but they can never use their hands! It is fun and challenging to play; exciting and entertaining to watch; and great for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Picnics or any social gathering.